• Private Lessons: $70-$150 per hour. We are open to negotiation depending on your terms and court needs

  • Group and Semi Private Lessons: $80-$125 per hour, per group (2 to 6 players)

    • Group Adds: $25 per player (2 player min), per lesson

    • Once a group has reached the 4 players maximum, and is still looking to add players, a 2 player add can be made, bringing the group to a total of 6 players.


  • All payments made at the first of each month, you will have about 4 hours per month and no carry overs of credits. CASH IS KING.. but if you really have nice penmanship, checks are ok.. we will take your plastic if needed, but a 2% handling fee ontop of rate for square usage.


  • Lessons are scheduled Monday thru Saturday every week
  • Holidays & Vacations: All clients will be notified 1 week prior days off and a make up day scheduled.
  • All appointments can be confirmed via email at tennisbum4life@gmail.com