David Schwartz
In each of his tennis lessons, USPTA Pro 1 David Schwartz strives to master a quicker way to verbally and physically communicate and demonstrate the game so his students can learn more easily.

"Without a doubt, I enjoy that 'ah-ha' stage when my students look up with these big eyes and say 'Wow, it really works,'" David says.

David began teaching tennis to support himself and turned his love for the game into a career. Previously, he spent time as a salesman for Athletes Foot and as the front desk manager for the Spectrum Health Club. He finds that this experience has aided him in communicating more effectively with his students and understanding their needs in a healthy environment. "Selling shoes allowed me to understand why a tennis shoe is important and why a running shoe is dangerous," he says. "Good support and a good fit will make for a comfortable lesson."

As a player, David was a member of the John F. Kennedy High School championship tennis team in 1989 and 1990, and played for Pierce Community College in Woodland Hills, Calif., where he received an associate's degree. He is a 15-year member of USPTA & USPTR, a life member of the USTA and a member of the Team Prince Racket Sponsorship and Oakley sunglasses. He is also member of USRSA, and is soon to be a master racquet technician.

Mastering communications with his students is what David is most proud of as a tennis professional. He uses a particular saying for teaching groundstrokes: "Lock it, leave it, brush it, breathe it."

"I'm trying to remind my students to lock their wrist back, and leave it locked back. I want them to brush the ball and then exhale on contact," David says.

Off the courts, David has completed two Los Angeles marathons, both under four and a half hours. David, his wife, Jean, their two young daughters, Sydney and Cameron and  son Jacob, reside in Santa Clarita, California. 

David and family also enjoy soccer, golf, pilates, gymnastics, skiing, hiking, rollerblading, running and biking... basically any sport!!!